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4 Small Steps to Big Improvement in your SEO


As more companies utilize blogs and websites to connect with consumers, search engine optimization strategy has become increasingly important. Lee W. Frederiksen, PhD and managing partner at Hinge, suggests 4 tips for boosting your SEO success.

 1. Be sure your site is user-friendly and error-free

Imagine a consumer is comparing various vacuums online. The consumer is using Google and interested in your meta description, only to be taken to a blank page with the words “ERROR 404” in bold, black lettering. Will that consumer be buying your product any time soon? No way! It is important to make sure your website is working and easy to use. Frederiksen recommends that you check for site errors using Google Webmaster Tools at least once a month.

2. Be aware of your keywords

Choosing the right keywords may be one of the most important tasks you can do, but don’t overdo it! Too many keywords can be irritating to users and can even lead to negative repercussions with search engines (Google’s panda algorithm, circa 2011, for example). For best results, try using a keyword 2-3 times per page.

You should also test how competitive your keyword is for your particular industry. If your keyword turns out to be too competitive for your website, try using a different one.

3. Be sure your site is structured

Some may believe the trick to mastering SEO is to cram content with keywords, but the real trick is a matter of ensuring your site structure makes sense. Your consumers should be able to use your site without hassle. Organization of linked pages and your sitemap is key for both site-users and search engines.

4. Be sure your site is user-centric

You should always remember that your audience – the website user – is the most important aspect of your website. By creating a site that’s user-friendly, keyword-successful and structured, your user will have a better overall experience, thus leading to increased traffic and rankings.

About the author: Check out Jackie Stanziano's LinkedIn page here.