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American Marketing Association - Cleveland Chapter. The premier association for marketers in Northeast Ohio.

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As part of our effort to keep you up-to-date on the latest marketing trends, we've gathered insights from thought leaders in Cleveland and across the nation on the Cleveland AMA blog.

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Survey Says...

Vicki Wilson - Membership Analytics & Insights Manager

The results for the Cleveland AMA annual membership survey are in. Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate; the feedback is extremely valuable as we shape the member experience throughout the coming months. Curious what we learned? Here are some key takeaways that will be guiding Board member decision making this year:

Member expectations are high and we’d like to exceed them

Though members are likely to recommend Cleveland AMA and are likely to renew their membership, we recognize that sometimes professional association memberships may fall short of meeting some members’ expectations. Members are the heart of Cleveland AMA and it’s extremely important for all members to find value in their AMA membership. As a chapter, it’s our responsibility to provide useful resources, communicate events, and offer educational opportunities. Understanding why and how member expectations are being met or falling short will allow us to better plan for the future of the chapter and will help us create an experience that maximizes member benefit. That is why we conduct our annual membership survey, and why we are so grateful to those who participated.

Members seek more relationships with other members

Networking was the most popular reason members joined Cleveland AMA by over 20%, however only some members said that they have built strong relationships with others in Cleveland AMA. 1 in 4 surveyed currently have close friends or business partners within Cleveland AMA, but over half expressed that they would like to have these relationships with other members in the future. We are glad to hear it, as promoting interconnectedness between Northeast Ohio marketers is the chapter’s chief goal for 2015–2016. As a chapter, we can help promote and catalyst these relationships by offering more networking opportunities, marketing events farther in advance, and helping new members easily integrate into our organization. When members grow professionally and bond with other members, we become a stronger chapter.

Members have other options

Over half of members surveyed belong to other professional groups, the majority of which offer somewhat similar content and events to those of Cleveland AMA. We know that we are not the only professional marketing group in town but we do want to create a unique, memorable experience to keep our members coming back. Identifying what our chapter needs to offer to stay relevant helps us diversify our member offerings and ensure exceptional opportunities for the future.

We want the Cleveland AMA to be more than just another association; we want it to be an intimate club where marketers come to learn, meet, inspire and relax. Keep an eye out for announcements about how we will make this happen, and thank you again for your helpful insights!